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About Sonalith

The Difference Creativity Makes

It is surprisingly common for a person fully capable of playing an instrument to feel intimidated by the idea of writing a song. The purely technical way that many learn instruments, whether self-teaching or through an instructor, all too commonly results in a method that is divorced entirely from the creative process.

Besides cutting a musician off from the most invigorating part of making music, self-expression, this approach can lead students to many of the pitfalls that trap musicians. This can result in an endless cycle of whack-a-mole where a student learns information, eventually realizes there is a deficiency in their playing and must go running back to their teacher, or a book, or the internet in search of a solution to their problem.

Mentoring students into a creative approach for studying new information sidesteps these issues with many benefits. Musicians who integrate creativity into all the information they take in must look at material deeply, are forced to approach it in a non-linear fashion, learn concepts with more musicality, and, over time, build a reflex for approaching all new concepts with imagination. This method also personalizes concepts for musicians in a way that technical information alone cannot. It’s also much more fun!

Students with this sort of training won’t be daunted by any creative undertaking because it will be second nature to them.

The instructors at Sonalith want our students to excel at their best pace, enjoy themselves, and to have fun while doing so. Come work with us and see for yourself what a difference creativity can make!

The Musician's Journey

If backpackers only hiked for their destination, they would not enjoy their adventures. In learning music, the majority of your time will be spent practicing, much more so than playing gigs, recording, or jamming with friends. Music is a life-long pursuit. Even as you hit your goals new ones will be awaiting you over every horizon.

At Sonalith we want to be your personal Gandalf, to whisk you away from your everyday life and to take you on a musical journey. Like any great mentor, we want to help you achieve your musical goals and to find joy and satisfaction on the road there. Whether you want to perform for friends and family, play stadiums, or become a teacher yourself, we want to be a part of that adventure.

Schedule your consultation

A good student and teacher relationship is vital for a musician to make their best progress. We want our students to feel confident with our services before they make an investment. To demonstrate our commitment to that idea we offer a consultation with a lesson example free to anyone interested in taking lessons with us.

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