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Teach with sonalith

We are actively seeking out new teachers to join our team. If you're passionate about your instrument and utilizing methodologies that maximize your students enjoyment and creativity then Sonalith is the right place for you to bring your talents.

Benefits of Teaching at Sonalith

Helpful Tools

With Sonalith your website, scheduling, and billing are handled. Enjoy more of your free time.

Ongoing Education

Regular meetings and clinics to share useful strategies and keep us all growing as teachers.

Resource Library

Support documents available to all teachers in a growing resource library. Save time making handouts for students or reap rewards by submitting useful documents.

Sonalith is the Right Choice for Teachers

Sonalith was created with two main goals in mind; offer a learning experience that is rewarding and enjoyable for our students and to keep the quality of life as high as possible for our teachers. Sonalith is owned and run by a music teacher, not a tech guru or a venture capital firm. 

Unlike other services, we don't charge subscription services that prevent students from signing up, or force teachers to pay fees even when they aren't making income. We don't hire anyone willing to teach regardless of credentials or experience. We limit teachers by instrument and region, and won't bring on more until we have the demand to justify it.

At Sonalith we believe what we do offer is much more important. We are a company with a mission to centralize the creative process in musical education. Too many teachers treat music education like sports training, or as preparation for an exam. We understand that, like a crafts person, great satisfaction comes from seeing what you've created. When our students are encouraged to create it will result in more commitment and long-term meaningful contribution to the musical community. 

This simple idea is our brand, and our promise to our students. And just like our students, our teachers are forging meaningful bonds with their students and coming up with effective lesson plans with the thoughtfulness and flexibility to keep students engaged.

Just as our teachers are invested in giving their students the skills and tools that can enrich them for the rest of their lives, Sonalith is committed to giving our teachers the resources and community to continually develop their abilities.

At Sonalith our teachers are not just a number, not just a source of income. Our teachers are Sonalith, and there is a place for you here. Come join us on our journey to find a better way for our students and find your own way in the process.

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