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Creativity is the measure of great musicianship. Musical icons throughout time have established themselves with their songs, philosophies, academic works, and community involvement. At Sonalith we believe that creativity is a fundamental part of musical growth, and we integrate it into every lesson.​


You have immense potential for creativity. The road to unlocking that potential involves hard work, discipline, and self-discovery. We live to mentor those with the passion and courage to take on the challenges music presents. Join us on the journey—working together we can strengthen your craft and creativity, develop your perspective, help you find inspiration, and all become better musicians together.

Our Creative Training

Learn the basics or expand your current knowledge and ability on the guitar with instrument-specific coaching.

Learn how Music Theory works and how to apply it meaningfully to your performance and songwriting.

Master the fundamental skill of creative musicianship. Enhance your knowledge of melody and harmony, develop a unique voice, and diversify your means of inspiration.

Free Hour Long Consultation with Lesson Example

A good student and teacher relationship is vital for a musician to make their best progress. We want our students to feel confident with our services before they make an investment. To demonstrate our commitment to that idea we offer a consultation with a lesson example free to anyone interested in taking lessons with us.

During the consultation process a teacher will assess the kinds of music the student prefers, the artists that most inspire them, their goals as a musician, their current skill level and musical knowledge, the practice time they can regularly commit to, and build an outline of the technical skills and concepts that will most benefit that student based on their assessment. This consultation will ensure a structured plan is in place for each musician as an individual before their first paid lesson begins.


After the consultation, prospects will be given a lesson that introduces them to Sonalith’s creativity-oriented teaching. This way the student will understand the approach and the type of work expected of them moving forward.

With all this in mind there is no reason for you to hesitate. Book your free lesson with Sonalith, risk-free, and see what we have to offer you.

Our instructors

Sonalith instructors are experienced musicians with a passion for teaching. They meet monthly to collaborate on developing new lessons and exercises and—just as you hone your musical craft—they continually improve their educational abilities.


Chase matthews

Chase has been making music for over 28 years. More importantly, his methodology for learning music has helped him develop a unique voice on his instrument and to help others do the same. See bio >>

Teach with sonalith

Are you a passionate music instructor who believes that creativity is fundamental to a musician's development? See what Sonalith can offer you!



Strong Artists Have Strong Perspectives

When we judge art, we are doing so subjectively, using our own perception to analyze the quality and value of a work. 


What is fundamental for a developing artist to understand is that subjectivity is the most concrete ground we will ever have to stand on.


Working Through Musical Plateaus

The performance plateau is an inevitable part of learning anything physical. They can last for years if unaddressed and can even destroy a musician’s relationship to their instrument.


Understanding what makes a musician feel as though they are experiencing a plateau, learning the strategies for overcoming musical stagnation, and adopting a healthy view of the challenges plateaus present are invaluable skills for a musician’s toolkit.


Got Songwriter's Block?

Writer's Block is dreaded in many mediums and can make us question our ability. Why does it happen, and how do we overcome it when it does?

Diversifying our skillset for finding and implement inspiration can help overcome this hurdle. Should you practice facing the problem head on or circumventing it? I say both!

“Chase's musicianship, creativity, and deep knowledge of music is inspiring. Learning from him has amplified my musical  understanding and given me tools to create music with new and unique perspective.”

Don T, CO, USA


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